Sunday, March 16, 2014

Back to work

It is almost spring here sun, birds, wild violets, trees awakes slowly. The air smells so good, especially in the mornings. I spent the weekend sitting in the sun, then working, then sitting in the sun again. It's like my skin craves for these tender rays. I love the promises of this season, the way it awakens ones heart for love, dreams and new ideas.

A strange idea struck my mind and I got on making lots of small components. For first time I cut something without knowing how I am going to use it. The small letters on them are actually from Nominalia of the Bulgarian khans, a historical document about the first rulers in Bulgaria. 

I continue with etching. Here are two pieces one esoteric and one with a vintage astronomy drawing. The chiromancy and astrology sheet is already in the shop:

And I made some more earrings and astro pendants. Still haven't finished the whole zodiac a Scorpius and Aquarius are missing :)


  1. Your words & work are fascinating, Alex. Thank you for sharing. I've never seen anything like these necklaces. Just beautiful!

  2. I've been enjoying looking at your work and how you've developed it. The top earrings are break-through creative. You have your own look, and that's what I love.

  3. Thank you both for the kind comments.
    The top earrings was fun to make, cause I had an idea but I didn't know how to achieve it, so it was a bit of experiment :))

  4. I am totally in love with the piece with the vintage astronomy drawing! It's so beautifully and neatly crafted, so different and unique! Just awesome!!