Monday, March 10, 2014


I've got a cold the other day so I stopped working till I get better. It is fine as it started snowing here again and I feel more like watching a movie and reading a book. In Bulgaria we say that March is capricious like a woman. On the way home today the taxi driver made a funny point about women "A true woman knows how to make a soup and a row from nothing", don't know if I translate it properly, but sounded funny to me. 
The new driller is finally here, installed and already in use. It is very noisy machine, I hope my neighbors won't be mad at me, will try not to use it at midnight. 

It's very easy to work with it, my lower back doesn't hurt anymore, something that was killing me with the previous driller. And the best part is that my dad installed a foot switch hahaha :D now I am like a dentist. He knows how to make a working space comfortable, a true fox.

I finally developed the film I shot in the National Art gallery, seems I don't have even one frame on focus, due to the low speed. I would say it is a shame, but I anyway don't like the pictures, focus is the last problem with them. Here are four from the film:


  1. Ok I think you should bring your dad with you, so he can set up some things for me here too. Great drill set up really need one of those stands, got the new drill but with a foot pedal - wow!
    About the focus, I sympathize - if it's any consolation I can't even seem to focus on a tripod, and it think getting interesting shots in an art gallery/museum is a bit difficult -

    1. Hahahahah :D yeah he and one of his coworkers help me a lot in setting such stuff. Now the stand you just buy it, nothing complicated there. You need to be sure it will fit your driller, so better go with the same brand. And the foot pedal with more luck I will send one over before my coming, so we will use it :)

      I've tried ones before to take pictures in a gallery and they didn't turn out good, a tripod is very needed I think. We will check your focus issues, dear. Till then try to use your camera on 5.6 ♥

  2. Though it's fun to take photos in museums...the possibilities are limitless, and you are so lucky. Are you going to Greece? Getting the travel bug, here...

    1. The thing is that I love the building which is a former palace. In Bulgaria due to the history we don't have many buildings like this one and this makes it somehow special. Galleries on the other hand are there to represent art and therefor shooting in them makes the photos somehow secondary. Well at least that's how I see it. But if setting a whole scenario inside, doing more of a conceptual project, well I think then it may work beautifully. The way I did it is very tourist style.
      Greece is a controversy place, one should go there with caution hahahaah :D and yep there''s a plan running :)