Monday, January 13, 2014

Wanderers, traveling, doors

I was reading the most recent pages of my friends' online comic called Wanderers and let my thought fly over imaginary deserted places. While indeed wandering in deserts and small towns in the middle of nowhere I bumped into a memory of one of my fav books (which actually is a whole series of books) The Dark Tower by Stephen King. And you know how mind acts - when one door opens 100 other doors starts to open in the same time. So I run through all these doors seeing one remarkable story from Carlos Castaneda's book, when he is running through a mountain in the middle of the night. From there I jumped to "Leo Africanus" by Amin Maalouf, where one finds the story of a real 15th-16th century traveler from Granada. Finishing with a book with short Sufi tales about traveling dervishes. In the end I was listening to Riders on the Storm and found myself thinking - isn't it all about traveling. What are we doing through our life - walking from place to place, from one to another person, from our outer world to our inner one, from one love to another, from childhood to adulthood. 

I don't know where I am going with this. Just thoughts I can't keep locked and they just pour out. I was still with these thoughts in mind when one of my best friends called me with the news she is sending me a present. When on the next day I received the package I found a book about Amulets and talismans inside.

So my friend took to heart one of our conversations when I was explaining to her that I want to learn how to make real amulets and talismans. She browsed half of the bookstores in Sofia to find a good book about the subject and bought this one for me. I am so truly happy and thankful for this gesture ♥
With all this in the background I created new necklace and earrings, which I decided to call Wanderers. This time I used brass and wonderful tiny rare African beads in white colour. I hope somebody with a soul of a wanderer will wear any of the pieces one day.

And least but not last I have very beautiful new earrings from Alek (InfinityStop). They look gorgeous with one of my black and white dresses. Thank you Alek, you truly are inspiration for me ♥

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