Friday, January 17, 2014

Words and rain drops

Good weather in the middle of the winter. Feels a bit like spring is coming, but we all know that's not true, illusion born from the crave for bird songs and fresh scents. I wake up this morning from the sound of rain clatter on the tins outside and I start counting the seasons.

what do you see through your window

This is what I see while I work and it is all a matter of focus, because if it wasn't for the rain drops on the net the picture isn't much interesting. Although I do love this blurry fir in the background, which was there through my whole life. And what do you see through your window?

My constant companion these days - Rumi, in Coleman Barks translation.


Everyone can see how they have polished the mirror
of the self, which is done with the longings
we’re given.
            Not everyone wants to be king!
There are different roles and many choices
within each.
            Troubles come. One person packs up
and leaves. Another stays and deepens in a love
for being human.
               In battle, one runs fearing
for his life. Another, just as scared, turns
and fights more fiercely.

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