Tuesday, January 7, 2014

First sunny day and late presents

Happy new year everybody, hope 2014 brings to all of you more inspiring moments and free time to create, whatever you love to create. Today is the first sunny day here for the past two or may be three weeks. And that's truly a big deal for me, cause this mist started getting on my nerves. It is beautiful having it for few days, but when it settle for longer time everything becomes unfocused and unreal. 
So more light is a chance to get back to photography, I feel a bit guilty I don't have enough of time for it, so I kinda dedicated all my day to it. I played around with the camera, loading the backs with different films. Now 4 sheets are drying on the line and another 4 are waiting to be developed.
Last week I met my friends (as I couldn't spend the new year's eve with them) and received beautiful late Christmas presents. Gift card for the biggest bookstore here in Bulgaria, a lovely book cover, three small cactuses and a wonderful tea towels. On the top of it I bought some small bits and pieces for jewelry which was like a self spoil or something.
A good start of the year. And although the song below is the opposite of my optimistic mood, I can't stop myself sharing it here, as it is the soundtrack of these last days. Stay inspired!

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