Saturday, December 7, 2013

While you try to find the lines to speak your mind

I've been struggling lately trying to promote both of my shops on etsy. Yesterday after I found out that I had extremely little views in my jewelry shop through the last month I decided to move everything in one shop. I know this isn't the best decision and I know everybody says that an esty shop is successful when offers one kind of handmade items, but in the end I am photographer, knitter, jewelry maker, I work a part time job and a day has only 24 hours. The thoughts about time made me search and read about the history of clocks, very interesting subject indeed.
Ancient sundial, Museum of Mosaicas, Devnya, Bulgaria

Anyway now all the jewelry could be found in my Alex Malex Designs shop, under Jewelry section. Or just click HERE

I am working on a whole new series of necklaces, hope they will turn out the way I want them. I had a problem with the drill bits, so I ordered new ones this week and they arrived yesterday. The only thing I want to say is don't ever make compromise with cheap tools. I was so excited how easy is to work with the new drill bits that I made holes literally on every piece of metal I had near at hand. Not very clever action though.
And something I've been listening to this week...

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