Thursday, December 5, 2013

Visiting Galina from Guide for Dreamers

Had wonderful two days with my friend Galina from Guide for Dreamers. A lot of laugh, talks, coffee, good food and not the least inspiration. Spending the day with somebody who is into handmade is a great pleasure.
Galina has a lovely small studio, where she creates cute toys, collars, book and kindle covers and thousands of other small and big things. She is a truly creative person (sewing buttons half an hour after midnight !).
And I can definitely spend hours looking through all the things in the room. From the jars full with bits and pieces, to the wardrobe where literally all the shelves are tucked with fabrics. 
These sweet dolls along with many other creations will be exposed on Pre*Xmas Fusion Basar (Varna, Bulgaria, December 22) and on SoBazar (Sofia, Bulgaria, December 7-8). Wish her a fun and successful craft shows.
Meanwhile her etsy shop will stay open, so don't hesitate to visit it -> Guide for Dreamers

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