Sunday, December 15, 2013

Artifacts and camera shopping crazyness

So I am one step from buying a digital camera finally. I still don't have one and I got tired of creating things that I can't upload for weeks in the shop, because I can't take pictures of them. In the end of November I sent a pray to the gods of cameras and handmade shops, to have a chance to save money for a small, but fairly good camera and it seems they heard me :)) 
Meanwhile I posted pieces of my first jewelry collection, which I called Artifacts. They are inspired by ancient treasures I've seen (mainly on pictures) through my history education. I still love looking at archaeological finds, it is amazing how many beautiful objects people created thousand years B.C.

I will work more on this series and hopefully soon I will add new jewelry to it. You can check for updates here Artifacts
And for those who are interested in archaeology, you may have a look at the oldest gold treasure, which was dated 4 600 BC to 4 200 BC. The treasure is found in Bulgaria in 1972 year. More in wiki or just write Varna Necropolis in google. Have fun :)))

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