Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Memories from Samos and new beads

Yesterday I was going through some of my old pictures looking for particular one. Every time when I do this exercise I find images I completely forgot of and every time I am amazed how time changes the way I see photography. Very often what I thought to be good now seems so shallow to me and pictures which I skipped because of bad composition, lack of focus or other reasons, now I see them with different eyes. Anyway I found these three pictures from Samos, they aren't very good, but they remind me of this certain mood the island carries. Mood hidden under the first impression of sunny Greece.

Well enough with the memories. Good news are that I finally bought a camera, a cute small Olympus E-pl 1. Such a fun having a gadget that provides images immediately. Today a small order of beads arrived, so I tested the camera and I am impressed by it. It is so easy to use, provides good image quality and it really does fit in the pocket.

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