Monday, November 4, 2013

Chet Faker and creative days

My new music obsession - Chet Faker. This guy does amazing covers of songs I would probably never listen to in original. A great soundtrack while I make jewelry, knit and walk. The only "negative" side of such soundtrack is that it often makes me leave whatever I do and start dancing :)))

My so called studio is almost set, so I started sketching jewelry ideas, some of which are already halfway done. It is very refreshing creating things without knitting needles. Not that I have stopped knitting, but man I need a break from time to time, otherwise I start night dreaming of yarns and stitches. So The Scratch is coming back to life slowly but surely. I gotta rethink the shop banner though.

I uploaded new creations in Alex Malex Designs as well - all in vivid colours. More are coming soon :)

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