Wednesday, October 30, 2013

After the break

I have been visiting my best friends for around 10 days, a very needed break from my daily routines. I came back to my hometown with fresh ideas and ready to start working on my thousand projects again. The best is that I am back to making jewelry, which I couldn't do last two months as our balcony was in a serous renovation. Now I know I will be able to work there through the cold winter days, which was one of my concerns lately. Today I spent some time painting my small working table in chocolate brown colour, which isn't very visible on the picture, but is very yammy in real life.
Also me and my friend Galina from Guide for Dreamers are making plans about taking part in a Christmas market, something new and exciting for me. Cross fingers we will bring this idea to reality. Meanwhile I started making new winter accessories and bought different yarns for them. Somehow this funny neon pink yarn on the left in the picture, appeared in my hands. Really don't know what am I going to do with it, the color is so bright and shocking :D
Last week I visited my fav yarn shop in Sofia and bought the last three skeins from the mustard yellow yarn, which I can sincerely say I adore. I am knitting new hooded scarf from it, which will be a bit different than the previous one. It should be up in the store these days.
Well that's about it. Last days of autumn are very warm and sunny here, one doesn't want to spend much time in front of the pc. So I am heading off for a walk. Enjoy autumn!

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