Monday, November 11, 2013

Monday morning

Last week was full of emotions, ups and downs, a lot of work and good moments with friends. On Tuesday I visited few second hand shops where I found beautiful vintage buttons made of some sort of metal. No need to say I was hurrying back home to make something with them. After few days of cutting, sanding and other activities like that I made these two necklaces. In the first one you can see how I used the buttons. 

Both necklaces could be seen in my shop The Scratch.
After these two pieces I almost ran out of beads. Luckily one of the bead orders I made arrived this morning.
Meanwhile my polka dot fetish grows bigger and bigger. I found this orange pot, that looks to me a bit like taken from the 50s.

Now I need a flower with white dots on the leaves. I will take a walk around the local flower shops and see if there is anything for my taste. You can also recognize the table runner in where I shared my Super Breakfast for a good start of the day.
Have a lovely week :)

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