Monday, February 11, 2013


The following pictures in this post are taken by my talanted friend Alek Lindus. Check her photography work here and her beautiful jewelry here

Not having internet for a whole day gave me a chance to rest for a while and just take a "walk" through my folders with pictures. I found this portrait of me which brought a lot of memories. At first I start laughing looking at myself pretending to fight. My friend John did his best in describing the poses in fist fighting as well as how I should wear a suit. Alek took this and the following pictures using funny Holga with a flash and her Hasselblad. We had a great afternoon mainly because it was a moment of high spirit between us, ideas were flying around the room, we were in a creative and provocative mood. I miss so much these moments, when photography was on first place, when the most important was to give a green light for the creative sides in us.


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