Thursday, February 7, 2013

Place I love, moments I cherish

Last weekend I was visiting the nearest village where my granny lives. I've been mentioning this place several times in my posts. I love this village and it is not just because of the childhood memories I have there - my first swimming in a river, the homemade ice cream with the taste of real milk, the summer days spent with my granny while she is working on the field. It is also a beloved place because I can still go there and do things which are more connected to the past than to the present. Like helping in the garden with the vegetables or helping my family with work around the beehives.

Ok I won't hide and lie - I am quite scared of the bees. You see these little creatures just fly so fast while they are working and I feel like my giant body is always standing on their way. So sometimes they get in my hair, which confuses them and gets me into sort of panic hahaha. Well I've been stung by a bee not more than two times in my entire life. And my father is a bee keeper and had beehives long before I was born, so I grew up around them. You see my panic is absolutely baseless.

Now where was I going? The weather here is quite unusual for this month. The warm wind ate the snow and when I went to that village the temperature was near plus 10. I filled some jars with honey for my friends and left them on the window. When I came back 10 min later there were probably 20 bees flying around the jars. It is the time of the year when the honey in the hives is almost finishing and the warm weather got these tireless insects out in search for some food. Their buzz sound awakens the spirit in a such beautiful way that only nature knows. I let myself enjoy the unusual warmth, the bees' flight, the feeling of living in a wolrd of ordinary miracles.

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