Friday, August 10, 2012


I love summer, I shared to a friend of mine some time ago that for me the most nostalgic season isn't the autumn but summer. I am from these type of people who can't stop feeling that nothing is permanent and the so wanted thing will break, the so loved person will leave, the so dreamed place will change. And I may sound too much of a black eyed person, but that's my main source of inspiration. This incompatibility of being happy that it is summer and being sad because I see all the signs of summer moving towards its end... I guess it also gives an answer why I like so much absurd in art and especially in literature. Perfection exists only if we see how beautifuly one thing doesn't fit in its surrounding, harmony isn't what our logical mind is trying to convince us, but what the world around reveals in front of our eyes.
I should stop here as this was meant to be a happy smile post... a very funny thing about writing - I am never sure what I am writing in the very moment. After all here are some snapshots I took of my beloved summer, all the colors are moving constantly towards their yellow and rust autumn version...

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