Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Directions - self observation

I guess it happens to most people who are into crafting to get stuck into creating one kind of things over and over again. Like if you are a jewellery maker and you just couldn't stop making earings for a whole week, or like in my case - I couldn't stop making fingerless gloves. It's been 10 days making nothing else but fingerless gloves. Yet it doesn't feel at all like I am repeating something, because every pair of gloves has something different than the previous. Along with this it came the pleasure of observing myself through the process of knitting. I actually didn't realize before how many ideas I have and it seems that the choice which one of them to come to life is most of the time illogical.. Sometimes I imagine myself with a balloon over my head, like those comic drawings, there are all kind of things in this balloon from ant to elephant and it is just a matter of chance which animal will sneak out of the balloon :D So I published in my etsy shop two pairs of the finished gloves. One pair with tribal motives in neutral colors and another one with my beloved colors - mustard  yellow, rust, beige and grey. They are waiting to make somebody warm and happy :)


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