Monday, August 27, 2012

Back from the holiday

It was beautiful by the sea - sun, sand, salt - it seems most of the words in this post will start with S :D I won't talk about how happy I felt there, how much I love to swim, etc. Will just post some photos when I develop the films. Those 9 days just made me wish even more to live by the sea, such an inspiring place with its beaches, rocks, trees, even the wind (which I usually dislike) makes me dream there. Anyway, between walks and beers I found time to knit some new stuff and I will slowly take pictures of them and upload in the shop. Here are two images of one circular scarf (cowl) which is very soft and with beautiful vibrant colors. Hope you will like it :)

Also one of my fav crafters on etsy Violeta , made a beautiful treasury called Happy girls and included my astral twins gloves. Check it out Happy Girls  :)


  1. winds crazy here last couple of days, love the cowl

    1. crazy like the south wind? :)
      The cowl was fun to make, thanks :)