Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Summer heat, water and a tank top

I woke up this morning with a knitting needle in my bed :D I told myself - thanks god I don't use hammers and sawls for my crafts... although I am planing to make something using those kind of tools. When it comes to being obsessed with something it is always the same feeling of having a cloud around my head. It was like that when I started taking pictures in the beginning and the same happened with the jewellery making (I am sure Alek will testify about it :D ) This time I feel like I put more hopes in what I do and I know that more hopes means usually more disappointments, but sometimes we should be just brave, without assurance that what we are doing is right and will bring us the so wanted goal.
Anyway it's a lovely hot summer day outside, I'm dreaming of seas, rivers, lakes. I think water is my favourite element, that's why I am taking pictures on the water theme recently. And after some failures here it came the first fine looking result.
And talking about summer, my first summer knit is finally ready. I wish I had better camera to take pictures of the tank top.... But that's the problem of being analogue photographer - it's too expensive to shoot my items on film. Anyway, one of the pcitures is taken with my pentax and I think it is visible which one ;)