Saturday, June 30, 2012

Making cherry tutti-frutti

So I was visiting the village where my granny lives, it is always beautiful there but especially in the summer. Together we made cherry jam and cherry compote.

 It was fun and when the boiling part started I sneaked in the shadow and started knitting some small accessories. I couldn't finish them the same day, but I started and found myself busy for the next two days.
Spending the afternoon in my granny's garden of course inspired me to make something only from natural materials. I love things made from cotton and linen... and I know the whole idea becomes boring at one point because of the trend out there, but I like it non the less. So from cotton yarn, linen cloth, cotton threads and hemp rope I created a small pouch.
I also found a way to double knit a high waist belt, which made me sweat couple of times, as it is a nightmare if you make even one wrong move with this way of knitting. Anyway I think in the end it came out ok :)
For more details on the knits please visit my etsy shop :)


  1. i dont know how i missed this one - apart from that ive got sleeping sickness, love all the beautiful luminous red in the post, and the cherry making sounds great, i should probably come and visit you one summer, though the way things are going thats a case of dream on

    1. ahahhahahahah oh you are most welcome to come here, the only thing is that there is no sea in the nearest 300 km, but there is river :)))
      we made also jars with apricots yesterday and soon the peaches will be ready as well. It's really nice being able to do such things, like in the old times. Who knows we may find a cheap way to travel :)))