Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Jose Gonzalez

Last night I had the chance to listen Jose Gonzalez live thanks to my precious Foxe, who spent her bonus payment on tickets. Despite all annoying people around me it was a good concert with his crystal clear voice and the guitar sound... Today I am really surprised to find out that he is born in Sweden, as I was actually listening to him while spending few months in Stockholm years ago. Anyway I will remember his voice to warm me up in the upcoming winter.

To call for hands of above / To lean on / Wouldn't be good enough / For me, no

I have always found biggest inspiration in other's talents, I cannot think of anything else that could be a stronger push for me. Sometimes while walking on a crowded street I see crowd of "creators" around me, each one with a specific talent may be not yet expressed, but certainly there, cuddled inside....

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  1. for a person like yourself, so artistic and soulful in whatever you do - I find it very natural that you see creativity everywhere around, it comes from you - and while I'm at it your ear drops at the top are so beautiful and sensual