Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Mismatched crazyness

Problem with schools is that they can make you hate a subject you would actually enjoy if it was presented in a different way. Math and geometry were a hell for me, I always managed to get a good grade somehow, but I believe it was a matter of low expectations by teachers than anything else. Lately I had a conversation with a friend of mine Mincho, who pointed out that architects use geometry in a quite interesting way and if I look at their plans I could find an inspiration for jewelry. I took the advise by heart, but somehow I couldn't really switch on that wave. And then one morning while drawing in my sketchbook nonsense lines, thinking about geometry and how shapes interact with each other, this mismatched idea just came to my mind. Taking a slice from a certain shape and then using each of the pieces for an earring. Together they form a whole shape, separately they are a funny game for the eyes. There was only one thing missing - stones to hang from them. And their they came in the mail, not expected, as a gift from Alek. What can I say, friends - always good to have them around ♥ Geometry - big fun even though on the basic level :)) All earrings are now in my etsy shop AlexMalexDesigns

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