Sunday, September 13, 2015

Second craft fair

So today was the final day of the second craft fair I am attending for this year. I am proud to say that although the big excitement I was far less nervous then the previous time, so I could enjoy better the compliments and the attention my jewelry received. The past month was a bit harsh for me both in my personal and professional life and the positive reactions coming mostly from strangers lifted my spirit :)

Yep that smiled face with red cardigan is me :D I changed my displays from scratch and went for really minimalistic look. So that each jewelry can raise its voice and not get lost among the rest. I still want to change some stuff and mainly the light sources, but I think I am finally on my right path in displaying.

All pictures above are taken by my talanted, very helpful and true friend Foxe 

So here is some of the jewelry I did for the market, some pieces are already sold, others are searching their owners and hopefully will find them soon,

These days I am packing my stuff and leaving for a short vacation in a sunnier country. I will collect some sun beans for the upcoming autumn, which I already sense around here. You all have a wonderful last weeks of the summer.

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