Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Bulgarian motives and jewelry

As you probably already noticed I don't write here anymore. A lot of trivial reasons for that so I am not going to make a list of them. The past two months weren't among my most productive for this year for sure. May be it is the summer or the change of place I did in June, or I was just in a creative hole. But now I am back in the game, with a new torch after unfortunate trials to fix the old one and an itch to try some new stuff. This weekend a folklore festival took place in one of our mountains and I was invited to participate with some jewelry. The concept of the festival is "A leap through time", everything modern is forbidden, people are dressed in traditional clothes only, the same goes about the food, the drinks, everything. You leave your contemporary self and take a trip to what it would be if you have lived in Bulgaria few centuries ago. 

So I tried to mix my style with some old motives in order to create pieces which will fit that atmosphere. I didn't want to copy old jewelry or something like that, but to put together now and then. Not sure if it worked or not, but it was an interesting experiment. Here is some of the jewelry I did

I couldn't visit the festival myself, but I heard already good words about it and I am happy to know that my jewelry was time travelling for a weekend. 
And now I am preparing for the autumn edition of the Craft Fair I told you about few posts below. My etsy shop will be closed probably till the end of September as I don't have any pieces to upload there. I don't feel that good about this fact, as I put so much effort the past years in this shop, but a day has 24 hours and every person has limits. These last pics show what I am working on at the moment. See you soon hopefully

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  1. I enjoy seeing the work in progress and the pieces you model so beautifully. You have an antique flair to your creations, at once modern and ancient--lovely to see the development. Keep it up!