Thursday, February 20, 2014

Vacation is over, cosmic jewelry on its way

My long vacation is over. Spending 10 days in Sofia was as exciting as usual, being with my best friends, meeting new people, shooting and a little bit of shopping :D I visited for first time the National History museum and although I was a bit bitchy that there are not enough of the Thracian golden treasuries exposed, it was still very interesting. Walking from 4,600 BC till nowdays for hour and something - well that's what I call a time machine. Unfortunately I couldn't take pictures in the museum, because I needed to pay an extra cost for that and I kinda got into my riot mood, as it was free to shoot with smart phone.

On one of the next days me and my friend Foxy went to our favorite National Art gallery where I was able to shoot with the a real camera, instead of phone. I will develop the film some of these upcoming days and I hope something beautiful will come out.
So vacations are great but I was excited to go back to work, planning to do a whole cosmic talismans section in my shop. One of my besties have been into astrology for more than 10 years and she helps me now with information about signs, planets and so on. The first six constellation necklaces are finally ready. The actual charms were ready 2 weeks ago but as I wanted to hang them on a simple chain, I had an issue finding the right one. Except the constellation necklaces I will be making planets jewelry and I am very excited about those ones. Also one moon talisman is ready on the working table, waiting for a shoot.

And yesterdays working table looked like that. This is before etching the pieces at 11 a'clock in the evening. Will see how the pieces turn out in the end. Thanks for stopping by :)))

P.S. One very talanted Bulgarian photographer Arslan Ahmedov took very very beautiful pictures of me, while I was in Sofia. You can see two of them in his flickr:
Checking his blog is worth too:
Alex Lydia González (Torera)


  1. Interesting new collection! and the two pictures of you are awesome, there's a je-ne-sais-quoi of a goddess in the second pic

    1. Thank you, Lucie. With jewelry making I have chance to go further in subjects that interest me, so this is a chance to finally get wider view of astrology, as I do with the historic devoted jewelry.

      I am in love indeed with the second portrait. When I look at it I realize it is not me on the picture anymore, it is photographer's imagination. Which is a very interesting topic in photography.