Thursday, January 30, 2014

New-old gadget

We have probably the craziest winter here. One week is plus 15, the next week it goes way below zero with snow and freezing wind. Since the temperature is so low working on the balcony is not a piece of candy hah. But I am not complaining as my sketchbook is getting full with drawings and I have success in turning my kitchen in something close to a workshop. I finally bought tools for sanding the edges of the metal pieces, something I was doing entirely by hand till now. My father made a weird small machine from windshield wiper engine and the front piece for a driller hahaha it looks really funny, but it works great.

After that Sunday (the previous post) when everything was working against me, things got better - I finished three new pieces. One of the necklaces was a bit "stubborn", but in the end all turned the way I wanted. 
This one is for the Artifact collection. From prehistoric times people used to make small female figurines or Venus figurines. They were made of stone, bones or clay and all are in small sizes. One can't be sure what was their use (as most of the found prehistoric objects), but some think that the figures represent mother goddess and are symbol of fertility. There are such figures from later times found throughout whole Europe, so probably their meaning is specific and varies for each culture and place. 

The shape of this necklace is something I've seen through my whole life. In Bulgaria we have specific woven carpets, which are made in one area. The figure is largely used in these carpets, but one can see it in historic objects from Middle East, Europe, Africa and America. It is symbol spread in different cultures and places, that's why some ethnographers and historians believe that it derives from the prehistory. 

And after the pieces with heavy background hahaha here are the last brass earrings. Simple in shape, no beads and metal mixing, no special meaning :D Enjoyyy

And thanks to the people who left a comment in the previous post. I really appreciate it, knowing that somebody actually reads my words, makes everything better ♥


  1. Beautiful pieces, Aleksandra. Clear lines, striking color, and beautifully thought-out.

    1. Thank you Dawn. Heard from you means a lot :)
      Historical and ethnic objects are really inspiring, especially the very old ones. The petroglyphs for example (leaving aside the meaning and the historical information they carry) an artist can learn a lot just by looking at them.

  2. Just as promised, here i am again! :)
    I really like your work! The details are amazing and i can only imagine what skills one must have in order to make such beautiful items! Congrats!
    Have a lovely day!

    1. Hey Andreea, nice to see you again here :)
      Well it is not a rocket since, it all comes down to patience, will and ideas. But thank you for the kind words.
      Have a lovely day to you too

      P.S. I am planning something for this spring, so I consider ordering from your boxes, as finding plain and simple jewelry boxes in Bulgaria is almost impossible.

    2. Oh, sure, i'd be happy to help! :)
      Have a great start of the week!