Sunday, April 14, 2013

What a week

I am having a lazy Sunday after a busy week. I am trying to give a push to my new shop and this is not always an easy job. But creating new jewelry is such a fun, especially after I received a very inspiring package from my friend Alek.

Metal and ceramic beads, semi-precious stones, vintage buttons and bits and pieces. And above all golden leaf and liver of sulphur!! God bless everybody with such friends, really!

Then very surprisingly another friend arrived home with handful of pliers. It was like fate had a plan for me :D Which was cool, because it gave me a positive feeling about what I do and kinda keep me from loosing faith in myself again.

Meanwhile I did some work in the garden as well. I sowed rucola, basil and rosmarin and also turned the soil for the tomatoes, which will be planted very soon. Need to throw those things from the bottom of the garden, but I didn't have any more strength left.
And after all the work I decided that spoiling myself isn't such a bad idea. So I bought this comic book dress, which just stole my heart when I passed by a shop window.

Anyway today is the last day of my quite active week, I plan to spend it reading Kafka on the Shore and developing my last roll of film. Have a wonderful day all of you :)))

.... oh and you can check my latest jewelry at The Scratch  - More to come these days.


  1. Wow you've sure been busy!!! I can't wait to see your new creations, I am truly jealous of your garden and the dress looks gorgeous on you!

    1. Hahaha you are so kind :) Actually it is my grandma's garden but we all go there to help :) Can't wait for the summer and the delicious vegetables :)