Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Scratch

I started the new jewelry shop on etsy. After the long time wondering I finally decided to call it The Scratch. There are only few items posted there because I soon found out I need some more tools. And this week while cutting a piece of copper I damaged my thumb, the same old thing happen - when I am in a hurry to finish some work something just goes wrong and I need to slow it down. I should learn this lesson finally and be more careful. Anyway this is the set of tools I bought last week and I am really excited about it. 
And the earrings I uploaded already in the shop. All of them are copper based, I just love using this metal.

Hope more pieces will be ready soon. Have some ideas in my mind and I really wanna try them out.
Meanwhile you can see more details about the earrings above at The Scratch.

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