Friday, November 16, 2012

Tips for prolonging the life of your knits

To start with this - I don't really like winter. I think it is a beautiful season and it has its good sides, but I can't really stand cold weather. That's why I wear litteraly layers of clothes in the winter and one of this layers is always a knit sweater, hoodie or something else. I do always have a scarf of course, it is my most fav accessoire almost in any season.

The thing is that knitted clothes loose their shape very quickly and they could look worn out soon after you buy them. There are few tips which will help you avoid this and literally prolong the life of your sweater or scarf.

  • Only some types of yarns stand machine washing. Most of them usually contains the so called superwash merino wool. There are also some types of acrylic that can take machine washing. 
  • Even if the yarn is marked as machine washable one should use the hand wash cycle of the washing machine. Cool water 30°C (85°F) and slow spinning cycle is neeeded as well. It is highly recommended to use a wool wash.
  •  Marked or not as machine washable, I always recommend hand wash for all type of knits. 
  •  When wet handle the item with care. Knits made of cotton for example can stretch easily when they are wet and the worst part is that often they don't take their previous shape after drying.
  •  Don't ever tumble dry your knits, because they will shrink. Knits should be always air dried.
  • For sweaters and big knits mainly it is very important to dry flat the item. If you hang it there is big chance for the item to stretch and loose its shape.
Following this tips will surely help :)


  1. love the rusty orange gloves and you know me and yarn care, whistling in the wind. the scarf is great too

    1. ahhahaa yeah I know :D
      actually after you said that I remembered your cashmere sweater and decided to look for chasmere yarn, but it seems almost impossible finding such in Bulgaria.
      Thanks for the compliments my dear <3