Friday, November 23, 2012

Define long

A photography play about definitions happens lately while I am taking pictures. For me it is weird how we are so used to live in a world where everything is definite and fixed. And while the concrete surrounds our minds and our streets, one just seek a bit of something undefined, of something labeless. Or said in another way freedom ... i am sure that people who are into crafts and arts know very well what i am talking about. But instead of trying to escape from the labels I prefer to take a close look at them, turn them upside down, check what they are made from and see them from as many different angles as my mind can find. It's a play of observation which makes me question the truths which I use as absolute truths in my everyday life. Here is one picture on the subject and under it you can find a link to the final result of that long time knitting.

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