Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Off for a yarn hunt today and featured on etsy finds

The tank top I made is featured on etsy finds today for Fresh in fashion, which makes me very happy and gives me a push in the back for making more and more garments. Check the finds HERE.

It's the first cool days we are having this summer in Bulgaria, one can walk outside without feeling like in the 7th circle of hell. So I am taking the chance and going to hunt for new yarns. I've already started making the autumn "collection", I made the sketches, chose the colours and the thickness of yarn. I know it is the middle of july, but knitting does take time and I want to be able to offer my new stuff on time. Will post later the purple bolero I've just finished and listed already in etsy.


  1. funny that i had a feeling you'd be featured, but i only glanced at the mail and missed it - stoopid me, congrats my lovely

    1. thank you Alek :) it was a really a nice surprise for a good morning :)