Sunday, February 14, 2016

Year of the fire monkey

Those who follow my facebook page know that I was again attending a craft fair, which finished today. The theme was Valentine's day and personally for me the theme was also - the new Chinese year. The past month a prepared a new series of jewelry, which central element were Carnelian and Red Jasper gemstones. That wasn't a random choice of stones, but on the contrary I wanted to make a series which is connected with the new lunar year which goes under the symbol of the Fire Monkey. So just like the monkey expects from us, I played around with those stones, I had a lot of fun working with them and created 5 small sets of jewelry. Each set has a different time period element, a hint of history, starting from Ancient time and finishing in Modern time. 


  1. Gosh what stunning pieces, Alex, I adore all of them! If you would ever be open to a trade... let me know :)

    1. That will be a pleasure, Lou. Is just these are already gone, may be with some of the next jewelry. Let me know when you like something :)))