Saturday, December 12, 2015

The Christmas photo shoot

After long time of trying to produce decent looking pictures of my jewelry I gave it up. I realized that none of my photo experience through the past 8 years can actually help me in this. My brain and eyes simply don't function the proper way when it comes down to product photography. People were coming to me saying that my pictures don't represent the beauty of the jewelry and honestly I felt hurt and worried by these words. I shared that matter with my friend Elitsa and she being a true friend offered to give it a try and take some pictures of my recent jewelry. My answer was - just go ahead. She showed me some photos of jewelry she has seen around the net and I explained to her that most of them are made in a light box. I gathered all needed materials for a light box shooting, Eli constructed the box and some days later she ran a test shoot. She spent almost 2 hours for the 5 pictures below (well the raw material was more than 5 of course) and I am  really thankful to her for the efforts and desire to help me in this. I like the results and am happy to see my jewelry in a Christmas context :) So all the photo credit goes to her, you can check some of her old photo work here:

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