Wednesday, May 13, 2015

So the craft fair is over! It was completely new and refreshing experience for me. Lots of people passed, I received tones of compliments, many people from Sofia are wearing my jewelry right now. All this is a good push for me to start working again! So I will just post a link to the pictures from the fair and run to the table with new energy and ideas! Thanks to everyone who supported me in one or another way, it is highly appreciated. Meanwhile you can pass by Kerannymi's facebook page and take a look at what my talanted friends Alek and Maria is doing there. Soon part of me will be there too :)

Link to all pictures:


  1. I love your archaic style, and immediately fell in love with everything. I would have been one of those who walks away wearing your creations. The brass and the blues just swept me away!

    1. Dawn, you don't know how happy you made me by using the word archaic :) I was a bit sceptic how the blue stones will look in brass surounding, but then I was pleased with this combination. Thank you