Monday, February 2, 2015

My version of treperushki

Treperushki is a kind of earrings people used to wear a lot in Bulgaria. That's a basic flower design made usually of gold (or cheap metal which was gold toned), which name comes from the verb треперя - tremble.. yeah cause they dangle lightly and nicely on the ears. Often that's the first pair of earrings girls received. I have a big sentiment for them, so cute and simple, I wonder when was the first pair ever made.
The other day while sitting by the working table and wondering what to make these earrings came to my mind, stuck there and I couldn't think of anything else but them. I remember my granny wearing such very long time ago, tried to recall if I had a pair of those or not. Finally I thought ok I will make earrings that are lightweight and tremble and those will be my version of treperushki. I ended with few pairs of earrings which didn't tremble, but are lightweight and dangle nicely. Still I haven't abandoned the idea of trembling earrings and some elements are already waiting for me on the bench.

They are made entirely of silver and all of them are stamped with different Cyrillic letters. Already uploaded in the shop:

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