Wednesday, September 24, 2014


So we passed through summer into the autumn. Honestly always a tough transition for me. I kinda withdrew, stopped working and just let myself be. I keep repeating that everybody should have time for himself, to "browse" through the inner. A time for silence and tranquility. But once I stepped into such time I realized how difficult it is to be inactive. Too many questions about self-definitions arose and under all of them is waiting this big emptiness. Not positive or negative just emptiness in its neutrality. I guess this is where the big bang happens, where ideas and inspiration come from. I keep watching this small fragment from an interview with David Lynch about ideas. Interesting indeed.

So in the midle of all those I decided to develop a film left from the summer and there I found this picture that just landed right on my mood.

Why so scared of the emptiness

As I said I haven't worked for a while, there isn't many jewelry to show, but here are the most recent pieces. 

Parov Stelar will have a concert in Sofia soon. To break the seriousness of this post and to say my farewell to the summer I chose one of their songs. Cause whatever season it is out there we should not forget to follow the sun.


  1. Really a marvelous post, Aleksandra. This happens to me all the time, practically every day in fragments. The David Lynch spot put a smile on my face, I actually laughed out loud.

    Thanks for that, and for showing your direction in work.

    1. Yeah that's what I like about David Lynch, he says what he says but the humour is always there :) I laughed loud as well :D
      Thanks for stopping by, Dawn :)

  2. Ah - the David Lynch talk - loved it and still love it. Your work is always very alluring, evocative of your interests and sightings, and leaves much to ponder. At the same time, it is very beautiful to the eye. Keep going. x

    1. Thank you, Lou, as usual for the kind words. If you find this talk interesting, Catching the Big Fish is a book to consider as well. Although may be you know it already :)