Friday, July 18, 2014

Demons and back to Bulgaria

So here I am back to Bulgaria, after I learned bunch of stuff from Alek and spent wonderful time collaborating with her. I miss Greece terribly, but this moody and rainy summer we have in Bulgaria, has its positive impacts on me. With Alek's help I am slowly collecting all the tools and materials I need, so I can start soldering on my own and create new jewelry for the shop. And while waiting for some of the stuff to arrive I visited the local library and got few books, which are far from "killing time" readings. The other day while attenting a jazz festival in Veliko Tarnovo I had a chat about Dostoevsky with a friend from my university years. This was a perfect reason to grab Dostoevsky's "Demons" from the book shelf and finally read this book, after years of postponing. And I finally got to use one of my best friends's bday presents - a book stand.
A very comfortable thing to have, especially if you are like me and love reading in bed or while having lunch, makes it much easier. 
Well that's what I basically do now, reading, doing scatches for jewelry and waiting for the postwoman to ring on the door. This morning she woke me up with a package from Moo. I was really happy to receive my first batch of mini cards, they are so beautiful.
I am also waiting for my father to start making a new working bench for my balcony-studio. That's a challange considering the small space on the balcony, but I am sure he will come up with the optimum solution. 
So hopefully soon I will start working again as my hands itch and my shop looks a bit empty right now. Meanwhile I will bury myself in my Demons. You all have beautiful and demonless summer.

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