Sunday, March 2, 2014

On Sunday

Rain and clouds on Sunday. Instead of making jewelry today I helped my father in his workshop, as spring is almost here and there is a lot of work that needs to be done for the beehives. 
I love this workshop, it smells of wood and there are so many old things spread around. And this funny old radio my dad uses for a music background while working :D
And here is one of the piles I needed to work. Those are small planks for frames where new wax sheets must be set.
I had to work for first time with pneumatic hammer. To be honest I was truly scared by it. I guess american horror movies, where somebody tries to kill a zombie with a pneumatic hammer, didn't help much about me getting easy with this tool :D
Here is one of the piles I made :) Kinda feel proud with my production.

The first etched sheets for sell in the shop are already uploaded. Each one is different size, as I cut them from a very large brass and copper sheets. The brass is 21 gauge (0.7 mm) and the copper is 18 gauge (1.00mm) thick.


  1. I'd love to work with bees. It must be a truly delicious feeling to be in that workshop with the radio and your dad. By the way, Aleksandra, I am impressed with your learning curve--your new jewelry looks very original and beautiful.

    1. Dawn my heart jumped after reading your comment :))) Working with bees is very satisfying, cause you know you do something good for the nature. To be honest I help only with the work which is away from the bees, like this frames, putting the wax sheets and getting the honey through the summer. Seeing millions of bees flying around my head makes me very nervous :D

      And thank you so so much for the compliment on my new jewelry. I put all my inspiration in the jewelry lately and I really enjoy doing it ♥