Tuesday, November 19, 2013

5 handmade shops worth visiting

If you are searching for unique Christmas presents here are 5 of my most fav shops on Etsy, which offers beautifully crafted products.

Bibliographica is a shop for one of a kind hand bound journals. Each of the books in the store are a piece of art to my opinion. Shop is located in New Zealand. Link

Lucie Tales is a place where one can find mixed metal jewelry with vintage bits and pieces. Rustic elegance is the phrase that comes to my mind every time I look at the shop. Located in France. Link

If you have a long haired friend or beloved one, that's a shop you should consider visiting. The Ancient Muse offers hand carved hair accessories with romantic feel. Already located in Turkey. Link

I have a long list with favourite ceramic and pottery shops on etsy. I have chosen to show Warm Ceramics in this post mainly because I found the owner's way of working very intriguing. She doesn't use pottery wheel and most of the products went through burning in milk technique. Located in Russia. Link

Rebecca Tanner-Russell from Thread Beat creates clothes I would wear with a big smile on my face. The garments are made to measure, constructed to fit each customer individually. Located in USA. Link


  1. Thank you so much for featuring my shoppe! I am NOT in Australia though, I'm in New Zealand! ;) This means alot to me. xxx

    1. Oh I am so sorry for the mistake, will correct it now. I didn't even check what is written in your shop, because I was so sure that you are from Australia. My bad :)
      Keep up the wonderful work Louise :)))