Thursday, March 14, 2013

Copper and yarn

I had a lot of fun making some bits and pieces for jewelry, using copper and threads. Since my hole puncher arrived working with copper is much easier, having a hole wherever I want is just great :D

Here are few pieces I cut, bended and hammered. I decided to get some patina on them using salt and vinegar. Than at some point changed my mind a little bit, took the long pieces removed the patina and put them into a jar with amonia. I don't have pictures of the results, but the patina on them got more rustic than greenish or bluish. 

 Then I moved on the yarn and started knitting beads. Love the cotton and bamboo yarns I found few weeks ago. I work for first time with bamboo and I love it. It is so soft and very unusual, and it is eco friendly which is always a big plus.

 Here is one earring ready after all the work, didn't have a camera so I used my phone so the picture isn't really satisfying, but still it shows the whole idea.


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