Monday, September 24, 2012

Knitting socks isn't as easy as one might think

In Bulgaria knitted socks are classic for the winter. The wool socks traditionally made by the granny in the family are something really common here. Though it seems easy soon after I decided to try my hand in this I found out that knitting socks is a very tricky thing to do. Being unbelievably mulish this last year I didn't give up. So here you can see my granny initiating me into socks knitting. The secret was revealed :D She showed me three different designs and I just wait for some free time to create my first pair of wool socks :))

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  1. This is good! I hope we can see soon!

  2. Love this series of pics! My own grandma was also the sock knitter for the whole extended family and I was lucky enough to learn a thing or two from her back in the day. :)

    1. Grannies always keep a trick or two in there sleeves :) Happy to hear you had similar experience, you know the joy of it :)